The Role of the Health Care Pharmacy

  The health care pharmacy plays an important role in the management of chronic diseases and their treatment regimens. It also provides primary health care, especially in underserved areas. In addition to administering medications, pharmacists can also prescribe vitamins and supplements. Prior authorization, which is an important part of MTM, is another aspect of health … Read more

Health Care Duties

  As a home health aide, you will spend time with patients, take vital signs, and administer medications. You will also provide nutrition education and basic personal care. In addition, you will replace sterile dressings and monitor wound healing. You will help patients in bed, and may even monitor a patient’s blood sugar level. You … Read more

Free Training For Health Care Assistants

  If you’re interested in becoming a health care assistant, you can find free training at Reed Courses. These courses are completely online, and can be taken from the comfort of your own home. However, if you’d prefer a classroom environment, you can also enroll in a distance-learning course or an in-company program. Able Health … Read more