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If you’re looking for a provider who can offer health care solutions to meet your organization’s needs, consider IQVIA Health Solutions. This company integrates unmatched data, advanced analytics, and innovative technology to enable better decision-making and transformative health outcomes. Read on to learn more about the company’s products and services.

Healthcare science

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Healthcare science technology education programs offer a wide range of options for students interested in pursuing careers in the healthcare industry. They offer a seamless transition from high school to post-secondary education and entry-level positions in the workforce. In addition, these programs encourage students to specialize in one or more career areas of interest. Programs are available in Therapeutic Services, Emergency Services, Geriatric Care Specialist, Physical Medicine, and Health Informatics.

Healthcare science is a multi-disciplinary workforce whose goal is to improve the health of patients and the public. It draws on the latest scientific discoveries and applies these to clinical practice to develop new diagnostic tests and treatments. This workforce plays a variety of roles, spanning from administering billions of diagnostic tests annually to intervening throughout the patient care pathway.

Healthcare science jobs require a variety of skills, including good communication skills and attention to detail. Since these jobs often deal with patients with serious medical conditions, they also require compassion and empathy. In addition, almost all health science careers require a high level of technical expertise. This is because a number of modern health science jobs involve using technology and data.

Today’s life sciences and health care industries are undergoing a transformational period, with “convergence” emerging as a key focal point. This transformation is driven by a shift from the outdated fee-for-service model to a patient-centric, value-based, affordable model. Consequently, players in the ecosystem are constantly seeking to apply cutting-edge technology and offer unique digital solutions for their patients.

The SHCD curriculum focuses on six key domains of knowledge, including person-centered care, population-centered care, team-based care, high-value care, and health policy and economics. Students are trained to manage the complex systems that support the health care industry. The program enables students to apply their newly acquired skills to problems in health care delivery and patient navigation.
IQVIA Healthcare Solutions

The mission of IQVIA Healthcare Solutions is to provide health organizations with the data, technology, and analytics they need to deliver more effective and efficient care. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, the company helps clients unlock the value of health information to improve decision-making and achieve transformational results. Our solutions are designed to provide a competitive advantage and a superior patient experience.

The company’s data is based on data and advanced analytics. The APLD dataset contains longitudinal prescription and medical claims data. The LAAD dataset is a master patient-centric dataset, which integrates multiple datasets, including patient, payer, and physician claims data. LAAD also contains National Sales Data, which measures sales of registered medicines.

To help healthcare organizations prepare for this legislation, IQVIA suggests that they begin assessing their existing health information exchange capabilities. This includes identifying the gaps in their current workflows, evaluating their existing health information exchange capabilities, and developing new applications. These steps can help healthcare organizations develop an action plan that addresses the requirements of the Cures Act.
Northwell Health Solutions

Northwell Health Solutions provides employee health benefits through its integrated network of world-class physicians, specialists, and wellness experts. Its employer health solutions can fulfill all employee health care needs, from COVID treatment to long-term care. Employer health benefits from Northwell help businesses become more sustainable, improve employee health, and provide exceptional care.

One of Northwell Health’s innovative health care solutions is the use of virtual care platforms. These virtual care services provide patients with a seamless experience, eliminating the need for in-person visits. Patients can access virtual care services by contacting their providers through their mobile devices. With this innovative technology, clinicians at Northwell Health can focus on providing clinical care instead of dealing with administrative tasks.

Northwell Health is one of the largest healthcare providers in New York, with nearly 800 outpatient facilities and over 4,000 affiliated physicians. Its systems generate enormous amounts of data about the health of its patients. With its cloud solutions, Northwell can use machine learning to make health care operations more efficient.

Another Northwell Health solution focuses on empowering physicians by providing a broader set of tools and resources. The company’s technology enables physicians to provide better patient care while reducing costs. The solutions are aligned with recent national and state initiatives that support team-based care.

The company also has partnered with Northwell Direct, a subsidiary of Northwell Health, to offer employer health programs and services. These integrated solutions include a clinical concierge service with a 24 hour nurse line and a team of care managers. These solutions include infectious disease diagnostics, HIV/AIDS testing, and return-to-work assessments.

As one of the largest health systems in the country, Northwell has a wealth of data on their patient population. Northwell Health Solutions offers an analysis tool that helps identify patients without the appropriate preventative care. In fact, Northwell published a peer-reviewed manuscript on its results in Population Health Management. Its study was based on data from over 60,000 patients, involving over 100,000 care measures.
Parachute Health

Parachute Health offers a cloud-based website and app to help healthcare providers manage patient data. It offers digital solutions for determining insurance coverage, selecting providers, sending and tracking DME orders, and more. Its products currently cover 60% of New York state, and the company plans to expand to more states.

The platform integrates with the most popular electronic medical record systems (EMRs) to create an intuitive experience for doctors, nurses, and staff members. Leading healthcare facilities such as Hospital for Special Surgery, Visiting Nurse Service of New York, Stanford Hospital, and other organizations are already using Parachute. Its software has already attracted funding from investors such as Loeb Holding Corporation, and a series B round led by Loeb Capital.

The software also makes DME ordering simpler by automating the insurance documentation process. It routes pre-qualified orders directly to vendors. It also offers real-time vendor inventory, digital physician signature capture, and real-time order tracking. It also has a live chat feature with vendors, so health care teams can interact with vendors in real-time.

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Parachute Health’s unique online ordering system is the easiest way to order medical supplies online. Real-time messaging makes it possible for providers and patients to ask questions and receive fast, accurate answers. It also auto-generates CMS-compliant documentation. The company also enables customers to place an order through the platform, ensuring compliance with federal guidelines.

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